3 Reasons To Consider A Second Master Suite For Your Retirement Home

By Janine Sjostrom

As you plan your retirement home, you may want to give thought to creating a second master. Much depends on your personal situation.

Will you typically have one set of company at a time?  Will most of your guests need only one bedroom?  Where will grandchildren sleep if you have two masters rather than three bedrooms?  Can the office or study serve as an extra bedroom from time to time?

You’ll also need to consider what your retirement community builder allows.  Many builders restrict changes, or allow only pre-planned changes, such as plan A, B or C.  Other builders, like Avalon Builders at Jubilee Los Lunas in New Mexico, encourage buyers to make changes big and small to ensure their home is everything they want it to be.

With all of that in mind, there are three great reasons to consider a second master – privacy, luxury and comfort.

3 Reasons To Consider A Second Master Suite For Your Retirement HomeA second master suite offers your guests complete privacy.  Once they close the door, they are in a world of their own, with a private bath and plenty of room to unpack.  And it’s not only privacy for them.  You’ll enjoy it as well.  No concerns about your guests… or you… feeling intrusive.  No embarrassing moments in the hallway.  

And when it comes to luxury, a second master can offer plenty.  Your guests will feel like they’ve come to a first-class hotel when they open the door to a large bedroom, private bath and spacious closet.  A walkout to the patio or pool will add to the ambiance, as will simple touches, such as towels rolled and tied with a ribbon, chocolates on their pillows, comfortable robes hanging in the bath and elegant soaps at the sinks.

3 Reasons To Consider A Second Master Suite For Your Retirement HomeYour guests will also see their suite as a welcoming retreat – a place of comfort at the end of day, and a relaxing start to each new day.  As you’re planning and designing this space, think about the placement of a TV, adding a convenient outlet for a coffee maker on the bathroom counter, including both a shower and an elegant tub, and blackout shades on the windows.  You’ll also want to give thought to comfortable seating and lighting for reading or watching TV, a small table and chairs for checking emails, a ceiling fan for comfortable sleeping, and nightlights in the bath and bedroom so there’s no concern about bumping into something in the dark.

Is it worth sacrificing a third bedroom for a second master?  Will grandchildren be happy with sleeping in sleeping bags or on a pull-out couch?  Only you can answer that.  But if want to welcome your guests with privacy, luxury and comfort, a second master may just be the way to go! 

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