The Best Choice In Active Adult Living!


by Janine Sjostrom

When Denver couple Kit Nelson and Michael Madziarek first started their search for an active adult community, they knew they wouldn’t actually make the move for another eight years.  But that gave them plenty of time to look around to find the right community.

As they began their search, they knew they wanted a smaller town, warmer weather and a better cost of living.  Seeing an ad about Jubilee Los Lunas in Where to Retire, and being somewhat familiar with the greater Albuquerque area because of their jewelry business, they tagged Jubilee as one of the possibilities.

Billa Jubilee SignWhen Kit and Michael first laid eyes on Jubilee, it was fairly new.  The Villa and outdoor amenities were only plans at that time, but still, they loved what they saw… a well-planned community with picturesque views, a luxurious Villa with exceptional indoor and outdoor amenities and a wide variety floor plans to choose from, any of which could be modified, by a little or a lot. Kit and Michael continued to look.  They checked out a national builder community in Sun City, Arizona, but found the extreme summer heat offset the positives.  They also looked in the greater Las Vegas, Nevada area, but felt it was too brown, and, like Sun City, the summer heat was extreme.  And in checking out Florida, they realized the bugs and high humidity made the thought of living there less than appealing.  

So… they focused their attention back to Albuquerque’s big blue skies, mild year-round climate and scenic views.  As they visited other Albuquerque-area active adult communities, it became clear to them that nothing compared to Jubilee.

“Jubilee was wonderful to work with,” says Kit. “They kept us in the loop through each stage of the build process, and helped us make meaningful changes to the plan we chose.  We modified our kitchen, extended our back porch, changed window locations and much more.  Other builders wouldn’t have let us do any of that!” she adds.

Pool“We’ve really settled into the lifestyle,” says Michael.  He continues, “We hike, work out, get involved in plenty of social activities, and, as one of many Senior Olympians here at Jubilee, Kit swims every chance she gets.”

Kit adds, “The Villa is Jubilee’s melting pot… the place where we meet, play and socialize.  Many residents have come from all over the county to live at Jubilee.  It’s an amazing, seamless blend of wonderful people, most of whom we’ve already come to know.”

Kit and Michael’s search reminds us that there are plenty of options in looking for an active adult community, and that knowing what’s important to you and taking the time to explore your options can help you find the best possible choice.

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