By Janine Sjostrom

Many retirement communities offer little or no flexibility in the design and construction of their homes. And even if changes to plans are offered, they are usually “A, B or C” - the builder’s vision rather than yours.  That’s why it’s refreshing to know Jubilee Los Lunas welcomes you to make changes, big and small… changes that are meaningful and important to you.  Our Choices platform enables your dream home to become a reality.

“Your retirement home should be everything you want it to be,” says Susan Halsor, Jubilee’s Project Manager.  “We don’t build our plans,” says Halsor, “we build your home.  At Jubilee, you have the freedom to make choices -  increase the number of windows, design a workroom, create an outdoor living environment, add solar electric, move walls, widen hallways – whatever is important to you.”

With the design and structural choices that are offered, Jubilee home buyers have every opportunity to express themselves, creating a home that reflects their individual tastes and lifestyle.  It all starts with eight exceptional single-story floor plans, any of which can be modified and customized.

Lori & RobJubilee resident, Lori, and her husband, Bob, are two of the many residents who have taken advantage of the opportunity to make changes. “We were able to work with their design team to design the type of home we wanted,” comments Lori.  “With most communities that we looked at, you couldn’t do that. You had to take what they had or nothing.  At Jubilee, we were able to be part of the planning team on the design.  That really meant a lot to us.”


The value of making changes is punctuated by Jubilee residents Mark and Jan.  “When we first came out to New Mexico, we looked at Jubilee and we looked at one other 55 and older community,” says Mark.  “The other community’s approach was really kind of a cookie cutter approach.  We wanted a lot more things than they were offering.
Mark & JanOne thing that we wanted was a wine chiller.  When they said, ‘Oh, no, we can’t do that,’ that’s when we came down to Jubilee,” Mark shared.  Jan continued with her appreciation of the flexibility offered by Jubilee by adding, “We made so many choices.  Susan said that we could change anything we wanted as long as it’s not a weight-bearing wall.  We love this house, and Jubilee helped us design it.”

Choices are a recurring theme at Jubilee, where residents choose to be as social and active as they want to be.  With an 11,000 square foot Villa and indoor and outdoor activities that could easily keep one active from morning to night, Jubilee residents find that choices allow them to customize their lifestyle as well as their homes.

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