By Janine Sjostrom

FRIENDS, FRIENDSHIPS & JUBILEEIt is said that we can pick our friends… not our families. Fortunately, many of us are blessed with family members that we wouldn’t trade for the world… people we love and care for beyond all others.

But there’s something special about friendships. Friends tend to be people “like us,” – “birds of feather that stick together,” with similarities that, for example, may include age, work experience, ethnicity, income, interests and values.

And that’s why I’m so intrigued with the amazing friendships I’ve witnessed at Jubilee Los Lunas, New Mexico’s premier active adult community. Residents have moved to Jubilee from all over the county, with what would seem to be, at first glance, very little in common.

But even before homes are finished and new residents move in, newcomers have made friends and are warmly welcomed into their new Jubilee lifestyle. So why is that?

Truth is, I don’t know. But I can guess. It’s simply the culture that has been born and cultivated at Jubilee…an openness… a welcoming, non-judgmental attitude that permeates everything from casual conversation to activities and events. Yes, there’s similarity in ages, although the spread ranges from the mid-forties to the nineties, and certainly other similarities as people get to know each other. But it’s what happens “from day one” that I find so heartening… the warmth and kindness that gives one an immediate sense of being welcomed… being part of something bigger than themselves.

FRIENDS, FRIENDSHIPS & JUBILEEPlus, the caring goes far beyond conversation and activities. Jubilee residents look out for each other, taking care of pets when needed, watering plants, watching for packages… all the things that good neighbors do, without, at least from my perspective, “smothering” each other.

FRIENDS, FRIENDSHIPS & JUBILEESo why am I sharing all this? For those of you looking for your “forever home,” a place where you feel comfortable, welcome and happy, you may just want to take a look at Jubilee Los Lunas. Based on everything I’ve witnessed, I can all but guarantee that you’ll feel at home from the moment you first drive along the picturesque, gated entry to the Model Center and Villa. Factor in an amazing climate, fabulous views, wonderful (and fully customizable!) floor plans, and exceptional choices in indoor and outdoor amenities, and you have every reason to call Jubilee home

Jubilee… where friendships abound, families are always welcome, and everyday life goes far beyond “a place to retire.”


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