Pet Perfect Retirement At Jubilee Los Lunas

By Janine Sjostrom

If you and your dog have been cooped up through the winter months… if you’re tired of struggling with a leash while holding an umbrella over your head… or find it expensive to board your dog when you travel, it’s time you discover Jubilee Los Lunas, New Mexico’s premier active adult community.

Located just 20 minutes south of Albuquerque, Jubilee is about as pet perfect at it gets, and here are three reasons why.

REASON #1: Walk your dog year round!
Jubilee gets a lot of sunshine… more than 320 days a year. A big rainstorm is a rarity, and when and if it snows, take a picture, because it’s not likely to last long! Our summers aren’t hot and muggy like Florida… or burning hot like Phoenix. And gnats and mosquitoes don’t particularly like it here.

It all adds up to a comfortable, enjoyable year-round climate for you and your dog. You’ll both enjoy getting out more often and getting more exercise, and your dog will love you for it!

Pet Perfect Retirement At Jubilee Los LunasREASON #2: Look forward to your walks!
If you and your dog are tired of the same old boring walk, you’re in for a surprise at Jubilee! The beautifully landscaped streets meandering through the community, expansive parks, and miles of trails, offer the perfect setting for an enjoyable walk with your best friend. Add to that our breathtaking views of El Cerro and the more distant Manzano mountains, and you’ll have a picture-perfect setting for your walks day after day, all year long.

Pet Perfect Retirement At Jubilee Los Lunas


And to top it off, our sunrises and sunsets can be simply spectacular. Your dog may not appreciate their beauty, but you’ll find the ever-changing colors on the horizon to be captivating, making your dog walks even more enjoyable.
We’re confident both you and your dog will look forward to your time together outside!

REASON #3: Make new friends!
One thing you’ll quickly experience at Jubilee are warm greetings and friendly smiles. Our residents have come from all over the county, and from a variety of backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common – they love getting to know each other and building new friendships.

Pet Perfect Retirement At Jubilee Los Lunas


As you’re out walking your dog, you’re sure to meet plenty of other dog owners, as well as neighbors just out for a walk or bike ride. And we all know what an ice breaker your dog can be! Conversations are so much easier with your buddy by your side.

And as you build those friendships, you’re likely to find neighbors and other dog lovers who are happy to help care for your dog when you take day trips, or even go on vacation.

So what are you waiting for! It’s time to create a new life, and an amazing new active lifestyle, for you and your pup! There’s so much more to love about Jubilee, including beautiful homes, a luxurious Villa and nearly endless activities, no matter what your interests.


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