Reach For The Stars

Reach for the Stars

by Janine Sjostrom

Over the centuries, stars have captivated mankind for their beauty, as well as their significance in navigation, calendars and religion.  Even in today’s high-tech environment, it doesn’t seem to matter whether we’re eight or eighty; we simply have a fascination with stars.   

For those fortunate enough to live in a state like New Mexico, stars appear brighter and more abundant than in most places around the county… especially in our rural areas.  Our night skies are simply breathtaking, with the Milky Way visible most nights, and a plethora of stars in every direction.  

Reach for the StarsNew Mexico’s Premier Active Adult Community, Jubilee Los Lunas, has made it easy for residents to reach for the stars, thanks to an onsite observatory and powerful telescope.  Residents gather every Tuesday evening for Astronomy night… an opportunity to share information, learn fun facts, and get an up close and personal look at their favorite stars and constellations.

If you’re thinking an observatory is not something you’d normally find at an active adult community, you’re right.  But Jubilee Los Lunas isn’t an ordinary active adult community!  It’s the only rural-setting community of its kind in New Mexico, yet just 20 minutes from Reach for the Starsdowntown Albuquerque.  A gated entry, beautiful homes, fabulous mountain views and plenty of hiking & biking trails are just a few of the many things that set Jubilee apart.  Residents enjoy swimming, dancing, bocce ball, tennis, basketball, pickleball, archery, billiards, fitness classes, painting, quilting and so much more.

If you’re 55+ and ready to reach for the stars, reach for your computer, phone or tablet to learn more about Jubilee Los Lunas.  You’ll quickly discover why Jubilee’s star-studded night skies are just one of many reasons Jubilee is your answer to a brighter future!

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