By Janine Sjostrom

Yeah!  It’s time for retirement.  Now what?  Should we sell the house?  Move closer to the kids? Downsize?  Consider a retirement community?


These are just a few of the many things to consider as you face retirement, but are surely some of the bigger decisions you’ll be making.

But as you think about shaping your future, think about what shape you’ll be in for your future.  If you want your retirement years to be long, healthy and fun-filled, you may want to consider an active adult community… a place where healthy activities and healthy relationships are a way of life.

Healthy behaviors are a common thread among those who live the longest… and a common thread in active adult communities.  It’s a given that you’ll be more active when you’re surrounded by others like you… retirees who get together, work out together and play together.


Of course you could just stay home and watch TV all day… or play bingo for hours at a time… but you could also be biking, hiking, dancing, playing tennis or basketball, learning new sports like bocce ball or pickleball, working out and getting into the rhythm of Zumba or synchronized swim.

There are a lot of reasons to choose an active adult community, but getting in shape… and staying in shape… are certainly at the top of the list.  When we’re alone, we tend towards inactivity and depression.  When we’re with others… especially those like us with similar likes and goals… we tend towards activity and connectivity… a happier, healthier alternative.

If you’re ready to get into shape as you shape your retirement, look for an active adult community in an area where you can be active outdoors year round.  Jubilee Los Lunas, New Mexico’s premier active adult community, is just that kind of place.  Mild winters and moderate summers make it easy for residents to enjoy New Mexico’s320+ days of sunshine, bright blue skies and amazing scenery year round, doing what they love… with those who love doing things with them.


My ninety-five year old mother-in-law recently said, “I’m in good shape for the shape I’m in.”  As we face retirement, perhaps our mantra should be, “I’m shaping my retirement to be in great shape to enjoy every moment of it!”

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