JO & Juanita

JO & Juanita LopezWhere did you live before moving to Jubilee?
We moved into Jubilee from our home on Calibri in Los Lunas. We have lived in Los Lunas since 2007, and we wanted a home that was made just for us!

How did you hear about Jubilee?
Our daughter, who wanted to buy our existing home from us, recommended that we check out Jubilee. We're sure glad we followed her advice! 

What do you like most about living in Jubilee?
We love making new friends at the Villa and throughout the community. We also love living close to our daughter and grandkids.

What is your favorite cultural thing to do in Los Lunas or Albuquerque?
Visiting Old Town is one of our favorite things to do. We also love going to the zoo and eating out.

What is your favorite nature activity you do in and around Los Lunas?
We enjoy simply going for long walks and hikes throughout the community and surrounding areas.

What are your favorite restaurants in Los Lunas or Albuquerque?
Our favorite restaurant is T.J.'s in Los Lunas - the Red Hot Chili is the best!

What is your favorite Jubilee activity that is for homeowners only?
We love visiting the Villa, working out at the Villa gym, and meeting the members at the Villa.