Rick and Sharon

Rick and Sharon Marzec

Where did you live before moving to Jubilee?
We moved into Jubilee from Marinette, Wisconsin. Marinette is located 50 mile straight north of Green Bay Wisconsin on the northern bay of Green Bay.

How did you hear about Jubilee?
By recommendations of many of our friends, we were referred to Albuquerque when the word spread that we were planning to move out West to retire.  First exposure to Jubilee was an article in Where to Retire magazine.  Sharon pulled it out and filed it away for when we’d visit the area. When we did visit, we spent the week investigating on our own and with a realtor but saw nothing that ‘jumped out at us’.  Relatives of a friend live near UNM and just love living in New Mexico…they spent a day taking us around to familiarize us with Albuquerque.  During that excursion, they gave us a couple of ads/article they had taken from the paper that we might be interested in - one was of Jubilee Los Lunas!  It was an omen!  The last day of our visit we decided to see what Jubilee was all about. Rick was dragging his feet all week on the idea.  He had the impression that it was a retirement village similar to some we were familiar with in Wisconsin.  Within 10 minutes of visiting with the sales staff, we were both convinced that this was the place we wanted to settle.  The personality and atmosphere of Jubilee just felt right, and after chance meetings with some of the homeowners, we felt at home immediately.

What do you like most about living in Jubilee?
We love the location first of all.  Coming from a quiet rural area, we didn’t want to be in the center of the hustle and bustle of the city, but wanted reasonable access to all a city has to offer. Los Lunas is only 20 miles from the vibrant city of Albuquerque, yet is a quiet village with all the amenities we need.  Nestled just a stone’s throw from the main highway is this wonderful community of Jubilee.  ‘Family & Friends’ is the best way to describe the ‘vibe’ here.  It’s the best part about Jubilee. Being an active adult community, there are so many opportunities to come together with your neighbors, while being able to stay as private and independent as you want.  

What is your favorite cultural thing to do in Los Lunas or Albuquerque?
We love exploring and learning.  New Mexico offers such a diversity of cultures and terrain so different from anywhere else.  We enjoy visiting Old Town Albuquerque where we’ve met so many people by just visiting its shops and walking the square.  We’re fascinated by the Native American cultures and impressed by the artisans, all of who enjoy sharing their traditions, cultures and crafts.  We enjoy taking a day to shop or explore the fantastic museums of Albuquerque or to take long drives with no destination in mind.  Within an hour’s drive of Los Lunas is beautiful red rock terrain that transcends you into another world!  There’s so much here, we can’t choose one favorite. 

What is your favorite nature activity you do in and around Los Lunas?
We really don’t have one, but we’ve developed an interest in the stones and gems, outdoor art and indigenous plants.  Our back yard area is a ‘work in progress’ that we’re excited to expand!

What are your favorite restaurants in Los Lunas or Albuquerque?
While Rick is a ‘steak and potato’ guy, Sharon enjoys trying new foods and recipes so this answer could get complicated!  We both enjoy good barbeque so, in Los Lunas, we enjoy going to Ribs.  It’s casual and comfortable with good food.  In Albuquerque, we enjoy going to County Line on Tramway.  It’s just a nice place, good variety on the menu and the view of Albuquerque and the mountains in the evening is wonderful.  We’ve taken visitors to both places and they agree.

What is your favorite Jubilee activity that is for homeowners only?
We enjoy them all!  Rick’s vote is pending, but Sharon enjoys Ladies Breakfast, Ladies Night, Bunco Beading/Crafts, Garden Club.  They’re more intimate than the larger gatherings so you get to know the homeowners.  There are many activities and opportunities that we haven’t yet participated in, but we’re only here 6 months!